Dead wave of negative emotions

Seafarers always speak of very dangerous waves that are known as dead waves. These waves are the result of hurricanes that occurred hundreds of kilometers later and several hours ago, and now, after a long time, although the principle of the storm has ended, and the calm has dominated, they are just arriving at the ships and causing many injuries with deadly blows. They will be There are many differences between ordinary waves and dead waves, the dead waves have a much larger depth and much depth than the live waves, and they do not have a sharp, frosty and no sign, unlike live waves. And the lack of indication of the existence and the source of their existence can be dangerous and terrible. Unfortunately, in the human psyche, negative emotions are suppressed, and unresolved conflicts act exactly like these dead waves, that is, if a person is not able to correctly display his emotions and timely evacuate them at an uncertain time and without notice of much intensity It comes up and hurts the person and people around you, but what should be done to deal with this dilemma?

It seems that the best way is to timely and accurately discharge the emotions in time, so we must learn as the first and best work out how to thoroughly excite our time properly so that we never get excited with the dead wave.