Why do our teens hurt themselves (because the pretext of the blue whale)

Children  By being in the Golden Age of Sexuality,9 to 15 years old Need to sync with same-sex parents

It replicates and accepts the role of playing a gender role It is very necessary at an older age And if anything happens, this sync does not take place A very serious defect in performing tasks And the role of masculinity and femininity arises  This disadvantage is sometimes about 13 to 15 years old Shows itself.

Boys from late school age They have to spend hours with their father for a few hours And by looking at the movements and behavior of the father Whether at home or outdoors (Park, market, taxi and ...)Little by little familiar with man's behavior and deeds And get ready.

 To play the role of masculinity at an older age And at the same time receiving love And the endless affection of mother Get acquainted with love too  And at the same time as teaching the father's behavior Watering love and kindness from your mother.

Boys who grow this way And educate At the age of puberty, they do not conflict and duplicate behaviors And do not go towards high-risk behaviors And do not avoid school education And they do not fall in school.

 These boys will also have a personality stability in the future career environment And they also succeed in their jobs. They will also have a successful marriage.And in compliance with the wife They do not have a serious problem.

In girls this is the case Which is from the late ages of the primary school Girls must learn from their mother motherhood roles And with constant and daily social contact with the mother

 From the peculiarities of female behavior And maternal ones.

 Girls of this Golden Age You must have unlimited love and affection Get your father out

And the fathers have a duty Daily love and affection Girls are embraced and talked friendly.

Now if there is a defect in the process what will happen?

That is, if father and son, mother and daughter In the golden age, gender roles do not have a healthy and good relationship

 What are the future of these kids?

A boy who is not related to the father And she becomes a grandmother Over time, she accepts a woman's mood. (Girls on the contrary) And at puberty, That is, when his sexual limb Change And ready to enter a new stage Being living from within is in sharp contradiction And that's the question"Am I a man or a woman?"

 On the one hand feminine mood And on the one hand the male organs and appearance.

I repeat in girls On the contrary, this happens -There is an inner voice screaming" Prove that man, prove that a man ..."

And how does this teenager fall in the horrible whirlwind of paradox How to prove that he is a man?

 The masculine attitude of the public

What is in society?

Aggression, smoking, Interruptions for women And sometimes hurt yourself  (Physical state such as scratching) And this is how our teenager begins to prove his masculinity And this is a time when it's no longer so very difficult to make up for the past.

But again, with parental behavior, it can go back a bit And part of the past  And as a result, he corrected a part of the teen's behavior.

 So, right now And start that very minute.

Dear teen's dear parents Hug  And press And short of playing  Relieve the good parent role And let's hope for the future.


Dr. Majid Khaleghi, Educational Psychologist